Projects I am Involved With


A federated microblogging platform, resembling twitter and, that emphasizes personal use and self-ownership of data. It uses the ostatus protocol.


A exokernel-inspired kernel that uses modern hardware to provide a functional, general purpose, secure bare-metal systems layer.


A public domain API infrastructure. This platform will emphasize many implementations, intelligent automated code selection, and encourages a build system that learns from the experience of machines it communicates with.


A set of initial, naive, implementations for djehuty platform.


A public domain z-machine implementation capable of playing/displaying many interactive fictions, such as the original Zork.


A system for managing addons and user defined configurations for projects, emphasizing ruby projects currently.

ostatus gem

A gem that helps ruby applications make use of the ostatus protocol.


A program that takes a uniform yaml description of an API and generates consistent html-based documentation.


A static-site-generator for generating course webpages. It allows for timed releases of resources, assignments, and solutions. It supports media formats for resources and generates an intuitive, but highly customizable, interface to access them.

Occasional Contribution




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