Diversity in technology is very important to promote solutions that impact the lives of every individual on this planet. We need to promote all cultures and all people and bring them into the discussions we have about technology.


A discussion of technology is not sufficient without bringing up the languages and methods of expression that we use to develop solutions to technical (and social) problems. As such, programming is obviously an important part of the discourse, of which I have many opinions and advice to counter pitfalls and exercises to strengthen skill.


We are losing quite a bit of our public record and the means to understand it. I am very interested in the problems related to digital preservation and software preservation in particular.


Although we typically see problems that involve programming to be technical in nature, it would be a disservice to not discuss how these languages and the use of computation can be used to solve social problems. Furthermore, many technical problems, or issues we have in addressing them, stem from social issues we must solve first. We must consider both technical and social issues.


I am a very open person in general. I'm not afraid to have and support my opinions, and I'm not afraid to represent who I am to the world. I wish everybody to be comfortable with who they are. These are posts that relate to me personally.

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