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Diversity in technology is very important to promote solutions that impact the lives of every individual on this planet. We need to promote all cultures and all people and bring them into the discussions we have about technology.

gender: To that end, a discussion of the gender inequalities that exist in the technology field that hinder this diversity of both problems and solutions is essential. We cannot allow the persistent systemic oppression of women hurt progress in technology. The ubiquitous nature of technology and computing can be leveraged to help fight against the prejudices of our world.

Reuleaux Selectors

Gender is a complicated attribute, and as such has been difficult for developers and designers of web services to allow users to describe properly. In this article, we discuss a new type of gender/orientation selector that respects a very broad spectrum of possible values. This selector stresses an incomplete solution to a difficult usecase: a selection that allows a large set of possible values, yet is comparable.

The Antirez Principle

Redis hacker, antirez, wrote an article on sexism that promoted the notion that discussion of sexism and any special treatment of women in technology constituted oppression and sexism toward women. He states we should simply treat everybody as human, instead of focusing on gender. Although an obvious goal, he ignores the cause and history of oppression and its psychological affects on our reasoning.

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