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A discussion of technology is not sufficient without bringing up the languages and methods of expression that we use to develop solutions to technical (and social) problems. As such, programming is obviously an important part of the discourse, of which I have many opinions and advice to counter pitfalls and exercises to strengthen skill.

Programming is inherently social. Anybody that claims otherwise cannot hold my respect. That's a strong statement, because without a grasp of the idea that the languages we use are primarily for human eyes, we cannot write effectively. Much like writing natural language, we must use a writing style that will speak better to our audience: people.

Traditional Mistakes in C Programming

C is a tricky language. For beginners, it can be daunting. It is, however, a very very simple language at its core. Once you commit yourself to avoiding certain fallacies or style mishaps, you can very easily write good C that both humans and machines understand.

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