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Although we typically see problems that involve programming to be technical in nature, it would be a disservice to not discuss how these languages and the use of computation can be used to solve social problems. Furthermore, many technical problems, or issues we have in addressing them, stem from social issues we must solve first. We must consider both technical and social issues.

A Language for Interfaces

We need to have a language that can describe behaviors concisely including their name, their inputs, their namespace, and their outputs. With respect to input, we need to know information dealing with the mutability of data, which includes concisely describing state. That ideal language is Rust minus much of that language's memory model and concurrency, which can be relegated to libraries or Rust proper within implementations.

Interactive Archival of Art and Science at Abstractions

These are links to the slides and auxiliary resources on interactive archival.

Coding Naturally: How to Achieve Sustainable Software

We tend to use too many opinions in our comparisons of libraries and frameworks. This is systemic and relates to a problem that we, socially, are not organizing code effectively for objective reuse. We can fix this with a better infrastructure that puts objective metrics first and describes computation rather than human expression. We can find better ways of expression using abstractions on top.

The Djehuty Project - For The Technical Lot

I have a dream that we can solve the current crisis that is software. To do this, and this might seem ambitious but bear with me, we must burn every piece of structure we have to the ground. We must replace the structure around our software with a new infrastructure that gives us more sustainability and versatility. In the process we gain various technological and socialogical advantages.

The Freedom to Compute: (Repost from FidoNews)

A reposting of a FidoNews editorial about the threat of government control of computation.

An Infrastructure to Promote Sustainable Software

Given that we have a problem with the organization of code to provide better objective reuse, we can solve this by using a language to describe computational behaviors and specifications and define absolutely nothing else. Implementations of these behaviors can contain isolated abstractions, and applications as a whole can use abstractions to glue together computations. This simple infrastructure provides not just technical benefits but also illustrates many social merits.

My Response To You

This is my response to your comments about what I work on. Enjoy.

The Zed Shaw Phenomenon: A Look at Bullies in Tech

A look at how Zed Shaw's behavior contains an insight into a wider, darker trend within our communities: the bully. I look at my interactions with Shaw and his aggression and look at how this impacts the lack of a safe space to learn and contribute within the larger open source community.

You want freedom? Build it.

It is easy to build federated systems since the infrastructure exists. Therefore, if you do not trust a centralized system, then build a new system that the people can control. Github is a good example, but not the only choice.

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