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Slidedeck (PDF)


Olive Archive - CMU, Streaming VM Image Archive

bwFLA - U. of Freiburg, Remote Desktop VMs on Demand

Occam - Flexible VM Building


Internet Archive: DOS Games

Occam: Commander Keen 4 - Press Run

Occam: One Must Fall 2097 - Press Run

Occam: Transport Tycoon - Press Run

Occam: NES Game: Mad Wizard - Press Run

Occam: SNES Game: Classic Kong Complete - Press Run

Occam: Demoscene: Second Reality - Press Run - Select Soundblaster from menu instead of Gravis

Occam: ZZT Games (Mods) - Mystery Manor - Press Run

Occam: ZZT Games (Mods) - Death Gate - Press Run


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