My Response To You

People have tried to do this before

I'd hope so. we in the real world call this related work or privately refer to it as guidance

But X did this and it was really bad

true. we call that inspiration and a big reason why we should still publish negative results.

Nobody will use this

you mean I won't use this and that's fine with me.

But X already exists and people aren't going to switch.

showing that X isn't enough doesn't mean I have to destroy X. the contrary actually. I don't like monoliths so I think people might want two things.

Performance will be slow

psychics don't exist. what is your definition of performance anyway. oh its a bad one so that you can fake being a scientist while describing a hypothesis as though fact.

X did it better

fine. they have a head start. you seem obsessed with best, which is fair because Pete Best was the best Beatle.

But your design won't work for this particular situation

no shit. look at that, we both understand really fundamental design trade-offs. glad we can relate to one another so well.

Don't you take government defense money?

all US-based computer scientists do because that's where all the money is. welcome to the national sciences. talk to your legislators about reforming science funding today! can't talk more about this... I have to go spend the little money I have on food and perpetual loan interest.

I could do it better

shut up and do it.


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